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Our council

Our Council is made up of enthusiastic, generous men and women of proven honor, from different sectors of society, who ensure the fulfillment of the mission, vision and experience, people who guide the general strategies of the association. They have professional studies with a minimum bachelor's degree focused on administration, health sciences, finance and human resources.


  • Margarita Sánchez Alvarado
  • Julio Baca Fernández
  • Gonzalo Reyes Ibarra
  • Mario Adolfo Schmal Hernández
  • Fernando Letayf Pesqueira
  • Karina Letayf Pesqueira
  • Rodrigo A. Tena
  • Florencia Valdez García
  • Alberto Trujillo Salas
  • Alejandro Lazarotto Ramírez
  • Brenda Sarita López Almara